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Professional Pest Control and Prevention from the Experts at Chandler Pest Control

Treatment Process

Environmentally Responsible and Effective


Chandler Pest Control practices integrated pest management to help manage annoying pest problems quickly and effectively. Working together with you, the homeowner, we can reduce the likelihood of pest infestations.

Chandler Pest Control is a company that considers you and your family while determining the best methods for getting rid of your pests.

  • CPC uses the best steps in our efforts to solve your pest problems.
  • CPC proudly serves the community of Arizona with the very finest customer service. 
  • CPC  is Family owned and operated since Jan 1999. 
  • CPC provides Residential and Commercial Pest Control Guaranteed. 
  • CPC offers both Monthly and Bi-Monthly service.


Our initial approach to pest control services involves three steps to determine your type of treatment:

Step One - Initial Inspection and Evaluation

Step Two - Initial Treatment using the DeltaGuard™ system. Our initial treatment is designed to eliminate pests invading your home. We use friendly products!

Step Three - Getting rid of your pests and maintaining control.

Initial and regular service (as needed) includes the following actions:


  • Complete exterior treatment targeting the foundation, all windows, doors, gutters and gutter downspouts, soffits, plumbing, and HVAC system lines, flower beds, edges of walkways and driveways and underneath the bottom rung of siding.
  • Complete interior treatment, including attic and crawl space, targeting windows, doorways, under appliances and plumbing lines.
  • Area treatment of carpets, furniture, and floors for fleas, as needed.
  • Strategic placement of baits on the interior, mulch beds and landscaped areas adjacent to the foundation.
  • Spiderweb removal in the garage, basement and the exterior perimeter (webs within reach).